25 Sep. 19

Boiler Services

Hello again, with winter fast approaching, we see a big spike in boiler services. There’s a bit of a misconception that a boiler service will often repair a boiler which unfortunately isn’t that common.

There are many benefits to having a service but the main one is to help prevent future breakdowns and costly repairs. In most cases, if there’s a pre-existing fault with the boiler when we arrive under the pretence of servicing the boiler a part will be required. We carry some of the more common universal boiler spares on our vehicles to try and repair boilers during that initial visit. More often than not we have to order the part from the manufacturer which then takes a day or 2 to arrive. With some of the lesser known manufacturers such as Ariston and Potterton, you may have a delivery time of 5 – 7 working days.

This often means that the customer is charged for our initial visit to come out and diagnose the fault and write up the repair estimate. In most cases the service cannot be carried out until the part is replaced.

If we’ve been regularly (annually) servicing that boiler we can often see the tell tell signs of when many parts are on their way out. That way the customer only pays for the service and then the repair cost before being left with no heating and potentially no hot water. This often removes the cost incurred with having an engineer come to your house to diagnose a fault that could have been already prevented.

If your concerned about your boiler for this winter then give us a call now so we can service it whilst it’s still working and if there’s anything of concern to us then we can issue an estimate for the repairs. Many companies and sole traders simply cannot keep up with the volume of incoming work during October, November & December, turning 2 days without heating into a week or so at a potentially inflated price as well.

It’s also worth noting that many of the new build sites in Amesbury & Salisbury have Ideal boilers fitted with only 2 year warranties. We have been noticing that a lot of them have been breaking down after the first couple of years.

Thanks for taking the time to read my post, until next time….

Robbie, Company Owner & Head Engineer