Tap Replacement

Tap Replacement Styles

Your taps will add the finishing touch to your Kitchen and Bathroom so it’s important to make sure you choose the right ones. Whether there for your Kitchen or Bathroom there’s a great choice to suit all tastes. There’s the traditional cross-head taps to the luxurious waterfall-effect bath fillers. Choose traditional taps for a vintage twist and timeless appeal, or go for something more contemporary.

We often receive calls from new home owners wanting a tap replacement as the style doesn’t fit with their own personal tastes. We also get called in to do a tap replacement on new homes as you often find that the standard taps fitted don’t meet the owners needs.


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Tap replacement options
Our experts will be able to discuss the tap replacement options available to you. We can even show you how they look to ensure that you have the look that you desire. Todays more common taps are the Pillar, Freestanding, Mixer and Shower Mixer taps.

With so many beautiful taps to choose from, it’s tempting to simply opt for whatever first catches your eye. However, there’s a practical consideration you need to address; the water pressure in your home.

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Our advice to you

Thankfully, the vast majority of taps work perfectly well with standard water pressure. However, some (such as mixer taps) require a higher water pressure. If you’re not sure what level of water pressure your home has, call your local water company or ask us for advice.

For this reason, too, you shouldn’t regard taps as ornamental fittings to choose late in the planning of a new bathroom or kitchen; they should be amongst the very first things you’re choosing. It’s much easier to adjust plumbing before rather than after everything’s been fitted.

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Compliment your style
One other consideration you might like to make is the size. Smaller taps work best with small basins, and larger taps are more suited to bigger fixtures.

Other than that, your choice comes down to individual taste. There are many styles and finishes, so you’re sure to find a tap that perfectly complements your kitchen or bathroom. There are even taps that serve up deliciously filtered water, bringing the nearest thing to a sparkling spring into your home.

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