Do I need to have my boiler serviced annually to stay within warranty?

You must have you boiler serviced annually to ensure that it’s covered by it’s manufacturers warranty.

Why is my boiler pressure low?

This is normally caused by either a leak on the boiler and / or the heating system. You may also experience this when you bleed the radiators as your releasing air from the heating system.

If it is a leak then we often find that the expansion vessel is flat, this in turn activates the pressure relief valve. Expansion vessel can go flat over time but quite often it’s due to them being faulty.

How long are your parts guaranteed for?
All parts come with a manufacturers warranty of 12 months. This means that if that part becomes faulty then the manufacturer will supply you with a like for like part.
Do you use genuine parts?
Yes we do use genuine parts.
Do you unblock outside drains?
If the blockage is originating from inside your property then we can clear that blockage. If the blockage originates from outside the property then you will need to contact a specialist drain services company.
Do I call you if I smell gas?
You need to call your gas board in the first instance.
I have a leak but I've only just had a repair
When a boiler or heating system has a repair done, in most cases the boiler and / or heating system has been drained of water. Once the repairs have been carried out, the water is then ‘re filled into the boiler / heating system. This is unavoidable however, as a consequence you can find leaks do happen on other parts including joints and pipework.

This isn’t the engineers fault as they had no choice but to do this in order to carry out the original repairs. The engineer will locate the leak and recommend the most suitable solution.

Do you power flush?
Yes we do power flush, we offer different options dependant on your circumstances.

In need of an emergency callout?

If you have any emergency plumbing or heating need, simply call our 24 hour emergency call out