There are many ways in which you can look to decarbonise your home.

In working towards this a commonly considered technology is Air Source Heat Pumps, often replacing your old gas fired boiler. However, the transition from one technology to another is not always as straightforward as we might first envisage. The Air Source Heat Pumps work on a much lower circulating water temperature through your radiators and because of this, suitably sized new pipe work and radiators would need to be installed throughout the property which can cause disruption and inconvenience to the household.

In conjunction with a new lower temperature heating system, it is important to ensure that your property achieves a low total heat loss, which would need to be assessed by an engineer during the first inspection of the property. If the heat loss through the property is too great, additional work to doors and windows may be required along with cavity, floor and roof insulation, to achieve the required low heat loss.

Our Engineers at the Alpha E-Tech Hybrid Training Day

Our Engineers at the Alpha E-Tech Hybrid Training Day


The alternative solution

If your property is unsuitable for an Air Source Heat Pump we are able to offer an alternative, the Alpha Hybrid solution which combines both a tried and tested gas combi boiler with an Air Source Heat Pump. This can be installed onto your existing pipe work and radiators with minimal disruption.


Intelligent Alpha Smartech Controller

The intelligent Alpha Smartech controller will analyse the outside temperature, then calculate the cheapest way to heat your property based on your gas and electricity prices.

How it works

During mild weather, your Alpha heat pump will heat your home independently using electricity. During colder weather, your Alpha boiler will kick in at low power to assist your heat pump, in turn giving your home that desired heating boost, all whilst using less gas than a standalone gas boiler. When it’s significantly colder, your Alpha gas boiler will take over from the Alpha heat pump, working alone to give you that vital heat that you have come to expect from a gas boiler.

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