Annual Boiler Service


Hello Everyone, Now that cold snap has passed by, we’re noticing an uptick in boiler service requests. I can only assume that this is due to concerns about being left without heating or hot water 

As your boiler gets older, it becomes very tempting to spend as little as possible on it with the knowledge that your replace it in the near future. However, paying to have your boiler serviced annually could keep your boiler running for several more years whilst also keeping your energy bills down. We also find potential issues in advance which stops you suddenly being left in the cold.

Skipping your annual boiler service allows debris to stay inside the boiler. Long term this can cause issues for your boiler which can result in costly breakdowns.

We recommend a MagnaClean. It’s good idea to have one of these fitted to your heating system. When sludge is going around your heating system, the magnet inside this catches the sludge which then stops that sludge getting into the boiler. As you can see, if these aren’t emptied on a regular basis then they will fill up an eventually will become ineffective which then means that the sludge will get into the boiler. Sludge stops the boiler from being as efficient and can also invalidate warranties due to causing unnecessary wear and tear on the movement of parts.

I hope this gives you a better insight into the benefits of having an annual boiler service.