Emergency Boiler Replacements


Hello Everyone,

The weather has now definitely got colder in the last couple of weeks which has resulted in our annual rush for emergency boiler replacements happening a month later than usual. We’ve already installed 15 new boilers this month compared to the 7 we installed during all of November 2017.

When looking at new boilers it’s worth getting a couple of different quotes for different boilers. It’s surprising the difference in prices between one manufacturer and another. Boiler warranties/guarantees vary as well so we do advise that you familiarise yourself with what is covered and more importantly, what isn’t covered.

We recommend Worcester Bosch or Glow-Worm boilers for gas/lpg installations. If you use oil then we recommend Worcester Bosch or Grant Boilers. We are accredited with all of these manufacturers so can offer you an extended guarantee of 10 years with both Worcester Bosch and Grant Boilers instead of the standard 5 years. We can also offer a 10 year warranty with Glow-Worm instead of the standard 5 years.

In order to offer extended guaranties and warranties, you MUST be accredited with that particular manufacturer. To gain this accreditation you need to have installed a certain number of their boilers and then attend their training centres to demonstrate that you have expert knowledge of their boilers as if you worked directly for them. Boiler manufacturers need to know that only a small percentage of people will ever need to make a claim and that it’s due to a faulty part and not because it’s been incorrectly installed. Unfortunately, there is far to many people, companies or even builders that install boilers and don’t know what there doing.

I hope this gives you a better insight into what you should be looking out for. As always, we’re happy to give you advice and a free of charge quote.