Benefits Of An Outside Tap


Outside TapHello everyone, I hope you enjoyed the beautiful weather that we had over weekend! Saturdays weather reminded me of all the benefits that come with having an outside tap.

With this in mind and summer fast approaching, I thought it would be useful for me to do a short but sweet blog about these little unsung hero’s especially as many of us will be spending plenty of time in our gardens and outside in general. Lots of these activities would benefit from having an outside tap. Whether it’s gardening, filling the kids paddling pool, washing the car, cleaning the patio or hosing down the dog, an outside tap can be extremely useful.

If you have a water supply close to an outside wall, an outside tap can often be relatively straightforward to install for an experienced Plumber. In an ideal world, the outside tap will be connected to the mains under the kitchen sink as long as that sink is on an outside wall.

If this isn’t your domestic set up then don’t worry, it’s still possible to have an outside tap installed without an easily accessible water source. It’s just more complicated and has an additional cost element. It may be that pipework will need to run under the floor or be boxed in which is a much bigger job.

If you’re unsure about which outdoor tap to install, we can advise you. If you decide to purchase a tap yourself, make sure that it complies with British Standards. The regulations stipulate that an outdoor tap must have a check valve installed. This valve ensures the water can only flow in one direction which is out from the mains. Water, particularly in a garden or street, can get contaminated with dirt, mud or grit, and the check valve ensures that any contaminants don’t enter the main water supply.

Some people opt to just have a cold tap installed outside, however you can also have a hot tap installed. This can be very useful when it comes to filling up the kids paddling pool, washing the car or even the dog!

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