Summer Holidays and Plumbing


Stonehenge Plumbing and HeatingHello everyone,

I’m Robbie, the owner and head engineer at Stonehenge Plumbing and Heating. With the weather being much warmer of late I often get asked what we do during the summer months other than taking our holidays? I suppose it’s a bit like asking a taxi driver whether he’s had much work today.

I thought I would write a small blog to give you a better insight into what we do on those lovely long summer days.

We do a lot of carefully planned and thought out boiler and heating replacements as opposed to emergency boiler replacements that are normally needed. You probably wouldn’t be surprised to hear that we also install a lot of outside taps in the summer.

If you’re having a BBQ or cooking greasy foods then it’s not a great idea to wash that grease down the waste pipe. This seems to be another regular summer job.

Many houses now have two toilets, this often results in us repairing blocked toilets that now smell unpleasant as they were never repaired during the winter.

Washing machines often get more of a work out during the summer, whether it’s the muddy clothes from sporting activities or simply over loading the drum with all those holiday clothes on your return.

Hopefully that gives you a better understanding of what we get up to in the summer and please remember that we’re only a phone call away if you need us – 01722 212050.

Until next time,