Stonehenge Plumbing and Heating


Granted it’s been long overdue but finally we have a website. When we became Stonehenge Plumbing and Heating two years ago we had so much on our plate that we didn’t have any form of advertisement let alone a website.¬†Until now all of our business has been generated via word of mouth which has been great. When Robbie took the bold steps to leave the certainty of paid employment back in 2012 it was exciting but also daunting.

Robbie was a 24 year old at the time and by his own admission he would say he’s become a man over this period. Jack joined Robbie in 2014 and this
was when the business really started to gather momentum as bigger jobs and more jobs could be done. Richard our project manager also joined us but as a sub-contractor due to owning his own Plumbing and Heating business at the time.

Due to the volume of work that we were doing at the time Robbie decided to change the business name to Stonehenge Plumbing and Heating as we had to become a limited company and felt that we could grow a better brand awareness under the name Stonehenge Plumbing and Heating. Again due to the continued volume of business Robbie could no longer man the phones and be on the tools. Tracy joined our team as our office manager and in-turn we leased our first office in Durrington which has since grown to 3 offices.

We now have 6 engineers including Richard along with 3 apprentices and Oli who’s still in school but works Saturday’s and school holidays. Lauren, Robbie’s younger sister officially joined us in September 2015 after previously doing the books in her spare time. This was due to Tracy becoming over whelmed with office work so Lauren became our Finance Manager and could also assist with other duties that Tracy had previously managed. Lastly Sam, Robbie’s older brother joined the business this year to head up the marketing part of the business which has been non existent.

We are now in a position where we can move forwards in a more targeted manner. We have plans to employ a further two engineers this year followed by further apprentices next year to replace our current apprentices who should have graduated to become beginner engineers.

We have lofty ambitions for the future like many other businesses but want to ensure that we maintain our core values of trust and professionalism along with providing the highest standards of work and customer service. Our plan is to grow our presence in the Salisbury and Andover areas so that we can continue to offer further apprenticeships to members of our local communities.

Robbie has spent a considerable amount of time and effort in recent years raising money for local causes including the Salisbury District Hospitals Stars Appeal. It’s our intention to continue to do this moving forwards along with looking at other ventures that we can join to continue our charity work.

All this being said, none of this could be possible without the continued support that we have received from our loyal customers over a number of years. We thank you all and look forward to a prosperous future together.

P.S. This cheeky picture of Robbie was taken in 2011 just as he was preparing to go it alone.