Wow What A Month!


Wow what a month July turned out to be! The plumbing and heating industry is supposed to be quieter in the summer months, generally due to heating systems not being used so much. We also see far less emergency call outs coupled with customers not being in such a rush for jobs to be done.

Well all that went out the window last month. Though we had a lot less annual leave to contend with compared to June we continue to expand at a rapid pace which is great. Thankfully we had Kris back at our disposal for most of July after having quite a bit of time off in the previous months due to various things.

As we mentioned in our previous blog, marketing is something that we have started to really pay attention to. You may have noticed that we now have a website which is proving popular with many of our new and existing customers. We’ve been out and about at local events. Our banner was on display most weekends, notably in South Newton, Durrington and then Wilton.

Richard (Skip) has now taken on all the quoting side of the business from Robbie. As Richard’s time is dedicated 100% to quoting this now means that we have become a lot more efficient with regards to quotes which can only be a good thing for all our customers. This in turn means that Robbie is now doing what he loves best which is working on the tools 100% of the time. You will start to see Robbie a lot more at your homes and businesses moving forwards which we know is massively important as many of our customers have dealt with Robbie for many years.

We had some new faces join us throughout July. Grant arrived at the start of July, long term he will be working in our boiler servicing department with Kris but you will also notice him with some of our other engineers whilst he’s getting up to speed with how we do things. We then had Adam join us right at the very end of July, he’s going to be working in our maintenance department with Jack so again you will start to notice him out and about with Jack during August and then on his own from September.

A lot of news there to digest but hopefully these new monthly blogs will give you, our valued customers (though we call you friends) a better insight into what we are doing and how we plan to improve our services moving forwards. There’s nothing left to say other than enjoy your summer holidays, stay safe.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]